Registration Steps on The Mountain website

1) Goto Click on "Reserve your space"

2) Log In or Create an account  (photo not required).

    Then goto Dashboard, click on "Add New Program" under enrollment

Add new program.PNG

3) Click "Other Retreats" under Program classification, then click save/next

program classification.PNG

4) Scroll down to our event, select a lodging option, then click save/next


5) Select Program fee (Required) & Options

2020 THR addons.PNG

6) Add Dietary preferences (if desired)

7) Add cabin mate choices (if desired)

8) Add Emergency Contact information (required)

9) Sign Voluntary Release form (required)

10) Once all forms are complete, you should get the screen below, click next

11) You have now enrolled by landing on the "What do you want to do? screen, but are not finished! 

12) If you are registering someone else, click "Add New Registrant" and repeat above steps

13) To make full or partial payments, click "View Dashboard" 

14) On your Dashboard click the "Resolve" button below the notifications tab

15) To make full payment, click "Full Payment" button and then proceed to the payment option tab. 

16) If paying partial, click the "Min Payment" button.  A minimum deposit of $90 (plus any options) is required to hold a reservation. You will need to come back and pay the balance by 3/30/20. Lodging choice is not assigned until paid in full.

17) Click the Payment Options tab to choose your method of payments

18) To make additional payments after original payment, Login to your account, go to "dashboard" and click make payment on the financial tab and follow payment instructions. 

19) Once program and lodging fees are paid in full, you are fully registered and lodging choice will be assigned, if still available. 

20) Thank you for registering for The Highlands Retreat! We look forward to seeing you soon!